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Our Menu.

Please note:  Due to to Corvid 19 we have reduced the size of our menu at the restaurant. On a daily basis we will have our basic offerings which are usually smoked pork ribs, pork butt, and chicken leg quarters, and occasionally smoked beef ribs and beef short ribs. After  Corvid we intend to have as FULL menu as per below.

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Loved by Thousands

All meats are marinated in our secret spices brine for 72 hours. We smoke our meats with a variety Applewood, Cherry, Hickory, and exotic Pimento wood.

On special order we can smoke a wide variety of exotic meats such as Ostrich, Bison, Venison, Elk, Partridge, Rabbit, Quail, Wagyu or Kobe Beef?? We can acquire, prepare, and slow smoke BBQ any type of wild game or exotic meat available on the market on a special occasion basis for our customers. If you are hankering for some thing different meat-wise at your next special occasion or event, please feel free to contact us to discuss your exotic meats craving.  Smoking meats can be an interesting and fun endeavor. Lets work together to take this art form to NEW places.

The Art of BBQ Menu

  • Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters Dinner $20

    with Rice + Peas + SoulSlaw

  • Soul Pork Sandwich (Our take on Pull Pork Sandwich) $15

    Includes SoulSlaw, add Cornbread ($5)

  • Pork Butt Dinner $25

    with Rice + Peas + SoulSlaw

  • Pork Back Rib Dinner $25

    with Rice + Peas+ SoulSlaw

  • Smoked Beef Short Ribs $35

    with Rice + Peas+ SoulSlaw

  • King Beef Dinner Rib Eye Beef with Bone $40

    with Rice + Peas+ SoulSlaw+ Mac + Cheese




ARMADILLO EGGS – $30.00 per pound (48-hour notice)

Mains – Dinners) (One Pound of meat comes with the following)

1. Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter Dinner + with Rice + Peas + Soulslaw-$20.00

2. Smoked Back Ribs Dinner + Rice+  Peas +SoulSlaw -$25.00

3. Smoked Pork Butt Dinner with Rice +Peas + Soulslaw-$25.00

4.SMOKED BRISKET – The BIG BANG Brisket- Rubbed and seasoned with Oyster sauce and mustard and our fresh herbs and SMOKED -$30.00lb or $40.00 for sliced and sauced up BIG BANG DINNER includes (Rice and Peas and Soulslaw)

Meat by the Pound

SMOKED CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS –Slow smoked and basted with our very own secret sauce- $15.00 per lb.

SMOKED BEEF RIB EYE WITH BONE – smoked and basted with our very own secret sauce $30.00 per lb.

SMOKED BRISKET- smoked brisket basted with our very own secret sauce -$30.00 per lb.

SMOKED BEEF SHORT RIBS  smoked and basted in our very own secret sauce- $30.00 per lb.

SMOKED PORK BUTT – Slow smoked and basted with our very own secret sauce-$20.00 per lb.

SMOKED PORK  BACKED RIBS – Slow smoked and basted with our very own secret sauce-$20.00 per lb.

SMOKED LAMB CHOPS – Slow smoked and basted with our very own secret sauce-$ 30.00 per lb.

The Wild Side – Exotic Meats

SMOKED CORNISH HEN –Stuffed with smoked pork, beef, turkey sausage -$25.00 per lb (48-hour notice)

SMOKED QUAIL –Stuffed with smoked pork, beef , turkey sausage-$7.00 each (48-hour notice)

SMOKED PARTRIDGE– stuffed with sausage and Savoy cabbage in a secret lemon grass & basil herb seasoning mix- $50.00 each (48-hour notice)


RICE AND PEAS ( black eye, pigeon peas, kidney beans) $5.00 per serving

Collard Greens- $5.00



MAC & CHEESE – $5.00

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