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Art of BBQ
art of bbq

Toronto raised—around 1996 I received some devastating news from North Carolina. My favorite uncle was seriously ill and was given 3-6 months to live. I was very close to Uncle John, he was the big brother I never had.

He resided in Kinston, North Carolina about 80 miles South East of Raleigh. I decided to visit him for a couple of weeks  to spend some time with him before he passed away.

My uncle loved Smokehouse BBQing and spent all the time he could Smokehouse BBQing and considered himself the King of Smokehouse. He lived for his Smokehouse BBQ and showed me all the pit master tricks of the trade he acquired over 50 years working in BBQ joints and smokehouses all over the South. In 2015 I left my corporate job to launch Art of BBQ Smokehouse to spread  Uncle John’s love of BBQ to as many people as I could. This is my way of honoring Uncle John’s passion and love for great BBQ, family, and friends. Simply….great food and smokehouse BBQ bring people together. I believe eating smoked and BBQed meat is hardwired in our DNA- from the time our ancestors sat around a fire and cooked meat over an open fire-homo sapiens have loved smoked/BBQed food.

I am confident you will agree that our Southern Inspired-Northern Touch smokehouse BBQ meats and sides seasoned with love, passion, and the spice of life is the very the best Smokehouse BBQ you have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Hope to see Y’all soon!!

Trevor David
President/Pit Master


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